Purple Coach Wristlet

Tired of holding your wallet in one hand and your shopping bags on the other? Why don’t you get yourself a Purple Coach Wristlet? They are not just fancy designer wristlets but they are what you call “fashion and function” all in one package.

These Purple Coach Wristlets are one of the best creations of Coach. They are very handy and fashionable. It would really make a lady so chic and fashionable. The signature ‘C’ design of this designer wristlet is a total head turner. It speaks of rich style and elegance.

No need to carry a small bag for your wallet when you are out shopping. But instead, dangle wristlet pouch in your wrist like an instant. You could use both of your hands to carry your grocery bags, shopping bags or use them both to drag your two little kids for an ice cream. Wristlets are very convenient and functional with its wallet-like compartments and dividers. There are purple Coach Wristlets that have credit card inserts, bill compartments and id holder. Or you could just get the purse wristlet where there is enough space for your cell phones, some bills and IDs.

These wristlets are not just functional but very convenient as well. With a size of 6 x 4, you could just dunk it in a bigger handbag and you are ready to go. Then, you could just grab it from your handbag when you are just going out for a drive and all you need is your license. There is no need of bringing bigger handbag for your wallet or a small sling for it. It’s like a wallet and bag all in one.


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