Pink Coach Wristlet

Aren’t you glad you were born a girl? If you were born a boy then you would not experience how it is to own a pink Coach wristlet. Imagine going through the boring rituals of waking up, staring into space, hitting the showers and dashing off to work? Well, for women like you, it is such a powerful ritual after all! It’s all about cleansing, powdering, blow-drying, applying that mascara without any smudges and of course, being able to magically arrange your cellular phone, lipstick, identification cards and power compact to comfortably fit inside your!

Style and comfort seems to follow you around whenever you sashay into a room with your 7 1/ x 8 ¼ pink Coach wristlet. It is equipped with an 11 ½ leather wrist strap that you can easily detach and turn that wristlet into a clutch that would fit under your arms. Designed for ease, you could use its outside pocket to store those calling cards you’ve gathered from the previous cocktail meeting you had.

Wristlets do not have to be used just for the more elegant and fancy dinners. You could use it practically everyday. Well, you could buy the whole handbag collection of the same style if you want so you could put in all your things in it including the this canvas with leather trim wristlet that you find so amazingly designed with a fabric lining which will add to the femininity of the handy heaven-sent creation from Coach. Stop thinking about it and get your pink Coach wristlet today


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