Pink Coach Diaper Bag

Having a baby is such a wonderful blessing even if they drool on you; burp on you and other things like throw tantrums. The best part in having a baby is of course dressing them up. Cute baby dresses, caps and shoes are available to compliment their mother's get-up. There is still one thing left to do - partner everything with a pink Coach diaper bag. It does not matter even if the newborn baby is a boy since a pink bag will suit his mom's attire.

What is great about the pink Coach diaper bag is the size. It measures a whopping 15 1/2 (L) x 11 3/4 (H) x 5 1/2 (W) which could easily fit several bottles, diapers, bibs and other baby paraphernalia. Another great feature of this bag is the multitude of pockets that could house mom's things most especially her wallet, make-up, mobile phone and of course a handful of receipts.

The durability of the pink Coach diaper bag is really outstanding. Just imagine the things it can carry without letting the leather straps snap halfway. Other diaper bags get rip at the seams but since this is a product of Coach, double stitched linings as well as its straps or handles make it stronger. Since it is a pink bag, you moms out there who are planning to buy one could purchase it from an online store or the outlet for discounted prices since the price is a little costly when bought at the boutique.


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