Pink Coach Tote

Are you Ms. Stuff-it-all-in? Do not be ashamed that you actually do that to your bag. You see, the pink Coach tote is so remarkably designed to fit all the necessary things you want to bring along when you go to work. And no matter how heavy you want to pack it, this Coach Tote is designed to support all your things with a sturdy leather handle. The tote alone is lightweight and the best thing is that you can easily maximize its 14x7 x 12.5 inches of room.

Aside from that, a pink Coach tote is so elegantly designed with the traditional Coach Signature Jacquard Fabric otherwise known as the ensemble of C patterns. What’s more is that Coach Designers have already incorporated the functionality of having a cell phone pocket! This way, you would not hold up traffic once you cross the street and your phone rings and you frantically stop in your tracks to search for it.

The security of your precious belongings is also taken into consideration so that is why coach totes have a zip-top closure. You would not have to always check if there is an unknown hand fishing out your wallet when you ride the bus.

It’s a wonderful feeling to bring along a bag that’s among the uniquely designed products made by the creative designers of Coach Leatherware. Not only do their creations speak of luxury, they are very much consistent in making world class quality leather bags since 1941. If you love pink and you need a tote, then you definitely want to take a good look at the pink Coach tote bag.