Five Best Black Chanel Bags

From the very first time Chanel’s black quilted bags were launched, they have become one of the most sought after black quilted bags in the market. What makes black Chanel bags more impressive is that it’s got attitude—seductive. Indeed, that’s why how much these bags cost, women has to have these bags to add some spice in their wardrobe.

Here are the five best Black Chanel Bags that you might like to check out.

1. CHANEL Black Lambskin 12" Classic 2.55 Jumbo bag

Don’t you know that this bag was designed in 1955? This has a long shoulder strap that lets women carry this bag and still have both hands free to roam around. One thing that makes the Chanel 2.55 handbag famous is its secret compartment where Coco Chanel hides her love letters—that’s according to the famous rumor. But who know? It might be true!

2. Chanel Black Coco Kelly Classic Flap Bag

This bag would really stand out during formal parties. It’s vintage! It has the design that you know would last for more years to come. It looks like it would be of use for more decades actually! This bag is just small; about 20 x 14 x 6 cm in dimension. But that size is perfect for formal events. Who would want to carry a big bulky bag in a formal party anyway?

3. Chanel Caviar Jumbo GST Grand Shopper Tote Bag Purse

Sensational. That’s what this bag is all about. It is the perfect size for work! It is spacious and very sturdy for your work stuff. Furthermore, it has an inner zipped pocket that could hold your keys and smaller items.

4. Chanel Black Diamante Patent Leather Tote Bag

This is one of my favorites! This is made up of metallic patent calfskin leather which feels really sturdy despite its glamorous and feminine look. Aside from the main material you would love the Diamante design! This is just totally glamorous!

5. Chanel Cambon Quilted Tote Bag

The Black Chanel Cambon bag is one of the casual designs from this brand. Yet, though as casual as it is—it’s still look rich and fabulous. You would love to match this with your plain tees. They make a good bag for shopping and small errands.

These are some of the best bags from Chanel. If you go into their catalogue, you would surely find more! That’s a risk though. You would surely want to get those lovely handbags and crave for them all. I guess you have to buy a new piggy bank now.


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