Do You Need a Coach Handbag?

Coach hand bags came on the circuit in 1941 under the name of Manhattan Leather bags. Now who in the world would want to drool over a bag with that brand name. The bags that were designed in the makings of a baseball glove that unfortunately didn't catch on to the fashion scene.

Bonnie Cashin came along and turned the bags into much more. He is responsible for adding the brass hardware that gave the bags their new look. It's sleek catchy new name took the world by storm.

In the 90's, Coach again revamped it's unique style to look more like a duffel bag, but with class. The bag was nowhere near the size of a duffel bag but had to have enough compartments for the woman on the go. Especially in the day of cell phones. Women need to be able to handle all of their needs in one bag and it need to be easily accessible. Coach began patterning their bags with the iconic ā€œCā€, so that it could be recognized anywhere. The rich khaki color and chocolate brown insignia are hard to miss.

Coach bags quickly joined the ranks of Versace, Donna Karen, and Dolce & Gabanna. They offer beautiful new styles with each change in the season.

Coach bags come in practically every couture color. Ginger, walnut, grass, and garnet are just a few of their lovely colors. It is a great way to mix and match your favorite accessories. Coach handbags can breathe new life into your wardrobe.

The handbag is a woman's essential piece of clothing. The term accessory just doesn't do it for these bags. The luxury bag has daunting hand straps as well as a shoulder strap that is made of soft and durable leather. They are small enough to make a fashion statement and big enough to carry what you need.

Coach bags also come in different patterns. The new embossed crocodile is to die for. It's a timeless look that lends a hint of regal tone to let everyone know this bag is not just for anyone. Coach is such an innovative company that they continue to revamp their styles to meet the fashion trends.

Women all across the globe pride themselves in darning a Coach bag. It's not too flashy, it's not gaudy, it's not your everyday bag. Coach symbolizes a contemporary look that is a huge part of American culture.

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