Coach Signature Patchwork Tote

You need a Coach Signature Patchwork Tote. Ever bought a bag that costs over a hundred dollars and after a couple of months, you shed bucketful of tears since it ripped at the seams and its strap was not able to support the weight of your make up kit and other things? With Coach you can be sure that your tote will last.

All Coach Products are designed to be sturdy. The designers have perfected the strength of their handbags and even came up with double stitched handles and seams. Not do Coach Bags give you the best style in season; they also give you functionality too. The Coach Signature Patchwork Tote boasts of an elegantly designed mixture of their signature jacquard fabric and leather thus making it the most coveted patchwork design.

Not only does the Coach Signature Patchwork Tote look good on you, it would not strain your arm or shoulder since it is lightweight. Its dimensions are 10 3/8"L x 5 1/5"W x 9 3/4"H and comes with an 8" drop handle.

What’s great about this tote bag is that it carries a front slot pocket where you can put in your keys for easier access. The cell phone pocket is also a nice addition. With regards to keeping your valuables safe and sound, there is a zip-top and clasp enclosures. Its roominess offers you with great ease when you bring all your important valuables with you.

When you go casual to semi formal, all you need it just one bag. You don't have a reason in the world to not own a Coach Signature Patchwork Tote.


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