Coach Scribble Wristlet

Do you know the hottest fashion statement right now? Dangling purses on your wrist! The Coach Scribble wristlet is the number pick of a lot women who are in the after work scene. Just imagine the freedom it gives when you are bar hopping. There is no need to carry a huge bag without any locks or security. Everyone knows that when the content of the bag is exposed, temptations are so hard to stay away from.

By using the Coach Scribble wristlet, one could carry the valuables in a secured way - dangled on one's wrist where no thief or bystander with itchy fingers can come close to one's possessions. This wristlet is so light in weight that one would not even notice that it contains a mobile phone, wallet, a comb, lipstick and powder for retouches plus keys. Turn boring nights into hot and fashionable events with this trendy accessory that measures approximately 8" x 5" inches. Should one grow tired of the wrist strap, it has a 12 inched strap.

The wonderfully designed Coach Scribble wristlet is indeed the hottest accessory that every lady should have. One could just leave the office bag in the car, take off one's suit and enjoy the night with a cocktail on hand. There are exciting designs to choose from depending on the collection. The price of this wristlet is very affordable even when it is bought at the Coach main boutique. What more if one purchases it at the outlet store!


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