Coach Scribble Hobo

If spring could be enjoyed for the whole year, then the best accessory to associate it with is none other than the Coach Scribble hobo. It does not actually matter much if you have bought it during summer, fall, autumn or even winter since this bag can be used anytime. The designs make you feel all young and fresh. It is a favorite among teens as well as working ladies who gets to kick off their shoes to relax after their 9 to 5 jobs.

The Coach Scribble hobo is quite a carry-all handbag measuring at 11 1/2 (L) X 8 (H) x 3 1/2 (W). What's great about this bag is its manner of securing your things. There is a rust-proof zipper that closes the top portion so you would worry not that your things would scatter on the floor or on your car seat when you roll over a hump.

One way to spot an authentic Coach Scribble hobo bag is the serial number inside the bag. Each purchase comes with a chocolate brown colored dust bag with a printed logo that says Coach Leatherware Est. 1941. Another tell-tale sign that it is the real one is the 19 1/4 inch leather strap that comes with an embossed Coach logo. The famous Jacquard design that Coach is so famous for is visible on the entire bag so being in style is not a problem since it would be easily known that you own the best brand in town.


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