Coach Poppy Wristlet

It is cool to have a wristlet that you can use every day. What makes a good wristlet is that you can use it as a purse during casual days and lousy hours. A wristlet should be able to stand on its own without a handbag. Good thing the Coach Poppy Wristlet is all that. It has a rich chic design that lets you use the wristlet alone. If you are just going to the grocery, you can dangle it in your wrist while purchasing your goods. You wouldn’t think if it looks fashionably appropriate because the wristlet can carry its look.

It is absolutely awesome to get something two-in-one. The Coach Poppy 43820 bag is a wallet and wristlet as one. You can use it as an everyday wallet, where your cards, bills and IDs at and during some time you can use it as a wristlet. It has a larger compartment that can hold your hanky! That is really awesome for a wallet. Furthermore, the leather strap makes it theft-free because you can attach it to your handbag during street shopping. That’s pretty cool huh??!

So much for its function. The Poppy Coach wristlet is something you can brag to people. The Poppy Glam design is not anything that you can just shrug off. The Graffiti design is something to die for. You would love its children handwriting on its tag. That is what makes Poppy Designs refreshing. It is a designer handbag that expresses youthful glory.


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