Coach Poppy Wallet

It’s amazing how Coach makes their Poppy wallets irresistible. If you look at Coach Poppy Wallet colors, they are truly cute and stylish. You might want to get a look at those graffiti designs or the glam designs. They are truly fabulous.

No one could argue the rich design of the Graffiti Floral design of Coach. It has  white background and black and red floral graphs printed. It is a design lets you bring this wallet for work and still looks appropriately HOT for after-work-parties. The inside lining of this collection is in grey fabric that lets you see to your bills and coins clearly. All the buckles and hardware are silver with engraved “Coach” at the buckle. With its metallic silver linings this Coach wallet is HOT!

It is one thing to be stylish and another thing to be durable. Coming from Coach, this wallet really lasts a lifetime. WE all know how keen Coach brand is when it comes to their products. They set a standard that are intricately followed by their craftsmen. Unlike the other machine-made wallets, every detail of Coach Poppy Wallet is checked by expert human eyes and are made by great hands.

This is not just all beauty. This is a practical one as well. Unlike other wallets, they seems to be just for the design. This Caoch Poppy 43820 measures about 7.75 x 4.25 x 1. Slim but wide enough for bills. There is  a zipper pocket for your coins, 6 card inserts for your IDs and Credit card and 1 large slot for Money. It has a large Coach stamp at the largest slot.  This is absolutely an awesome and cool wallet that you can carry as a purse. So, have fun owning this one!


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