Coach Graffiti Wristlet

Women loves to own a wristlet that would make them feel like themselves. They want to own something that would adapt to their personality and complement it rather than curb their image. Well.. After taking a look at this Coach Graffiti Wristlet, I knew I must have this to make my day complete.

Coming from the Coach Poppy collection, this Graffiti Wristlet is nothing but cool and looking care free. I just want to be like those wristlets—it seems like they have no reservation. They are very expressive in their simple way. These Graffiti collection is a different look compared to other austere looks from Coach. Graffiti is a laid back design that would be perfect for your causal outfits during a carefree weekends or holidays.

Coach Graffiti wristlet actually comes in many designs: the Tattersall, Floral and Wall Graffiti design. You better check the Tattersall Graffiti wristlets. The Tattersall has the simplest look yet it’s really nice and sophisticated. You can even bring this wristlet to work. Get the gold color from this collection and what you get is a versatile wristlet that would look fabulous both in casual and more formal outfits.

One great thing I like about these wristlets is the comfort they offer when you use them. It gives you a place to put your smaller articles like cellphone and money whenever you go for a short walk or to grocery. It also gives you a pouch when you are carrying a bigger tote. Really fabulous!


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