Coach Graffiti Tote

For Coach aficionados, again the makers of Coach has impressed us with their Coach Graffiti totes. The designs range from simple printed tote bags and hobos to complicated scribbles. One thing I like about this style is that it is refreshingly original. Coming from a designer brand, a simple stylish chic tote with kid-looking scribbles really looks great!

Graffiti is truly an impressive Coach tote. If you look at the recent Coach designs, they are played with abstracts and colors. Like Poppy, a Coach Graffiti tote has many colors printed that are enhanced depending on your outfit. They are one of a kind colorful tote that looks sophisticated even if you are in your simplest outfit.

These totes also have simpler designs. Such the white simple graffiti tote. If you look at the leather, it is bright clean white. It only has a Coach Est. 1947 print on its leather. ABSOLUTLEY CUTE! The simple white leather of bag alone can do without the other details. I mean…. Who would not love a rare white leather?

The great thing about these Coach Graffiti totes is that they are made up of soft leather. You know how soft leathers are. They are comfortable to tote with and very durable. Unlike the solid hard leathers, they crack easily and hard maintain. Thus, If you are looking for a leather handbag, (be it Coach or any other designer brands) be sure to get soft leather as material.

If you have any doubts on the beauty of Coach Graffiti, those pictures would surely take them all out. You know how classy and chic those graffitis are. Have fun!


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