Coach Graffiti Hobo

Finding the perfect style that would be great for many closet changes is difficult. It has to be stylish, elegant and the perfect image of your personality. Great thing that Coach Graffiti Hobo perfectly suits me! It’s stylish and elegantly surprising since it’s got a casual look.

Despite its carefree image, a gold Graffiti Hobo would be perfect for work. It’s classy and very versatile that it would match several outfits. The gold leather linings and the cute graffiti design is perfect for both casual and formal outfits. Well, Friday nights wouldn’t be hard on you since you can carry this hobo bag to your party after work. Wouldn’t that be convenient?

This is not just all design. It is functional as well. If you check the Coach Graffiti Tattersall Hobo, it has a unique feature of being a convertible bag. It comes with two straps. The smaller one to be used when you want to tote this bag; while the other one is used a sling.

You would really want to own one of these bags. They are perfect for any day. They are medium sized hobos which has ample space for your everyday belongings. You could get the Tattersall design and use the shorter strap for work during weekdays and use the longer strap during weekends. That’s really great you know. Have fun shopping!


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