Coach Diaper Bag

Babies are such a blessing they are always cute and huggable despite the poop and peep and occasional tantrums. The fun part of having a baby is dressing them up in all pink, all blue, or all Burberry depending on your day’s mood. Especially the first born baby, you get them the best accessories from hats, caps, dresses and bags. They should, of course, compliment the mother’s get-up.

The Coach Diaper Bag is the perfect partner for your babies. It is not enough to couture your baby’s clothes but the carrier as well. Mothers deserve the luxury of the spacious size of the Coach Diaper bags. They could measure up to 17 x 11 x 6. There is always a room for extra bottles, diapers and toys. You could choose from different colors and designs. They are available in different collections like the Coach Scribble Diaper Bag and in classic signature “C” Diaper bags in different colors.

Make it your everyday Baby Bag with its not-just-fashionable-qualities but with its durability as well. Coach has made its Diaper Bags very durable to hold your baby’s must have essentials. You will always feel secured of carrying a Coach Diaper Bag because you know it will not easily break a thread or give in to a cut. You could even keep it up until your next baby is born as long as you have stored it in its dust bag for safe keeping.

Make your mommy experience happy and lively with not just pampering your baby but to couture yourself as well. You will always feel good and proud carrying the Coach Diaper Bag despite the stress of new motherhood.


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