Coach Black Signature Tote

Romancing the night away with that heavenly-looking date seems to be the perfect way to cap your week. For hours you try almost all the dresses you own. Idea strikes and you remove the chocolate brown dust bag with the red drawstring and ease out your beloved Coach Black Signature Tote. Just one look at the creation of Coach Leatherware, you decide on bringing out that wicked black dress you tell yourself to wear only with the guy you will call The One.

Could this be the exact feeling you had when you were in search of a bag that has a jacquard fabric with glazed leather trim and dimensions of 10 3/8"L x 5 1/5"W x 9 3/4"H with an 8" drop handle? You close your eyes to remember that moment when you slithered the handles on your arm only to feel it so lightweight. How about the sheer joy that came over you when you peered inside the Coach Black Signature Tote? The ample space that will hold all your essentials and keep them secured with that zip-top and clasp enclosures.

You knew right away that the Coach Black Signature Tote that’s looking back at you will be sharing your life’s ups and downs. Seems you are getting a little bit nostalgic at the thought of forever. Well, you better be since relationships backed by years of trust and commitment can be seen with that guy smiling at you and that bag you are holding in your arms.


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