Coach Black Leather Wristlet

The mysterious color black accentuates any fashion statement. That is why your black Coach handbag looks really good if you partner it with the Coach Black Leather Wristlet. There are of course times when you need more space to put in different sorts of baubles, bangles and beads that you own but sometimes, all you have to bring are just the essentials like your lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, cell phone, credit card and some cash.

The freedom of having both your arms sans anything to grasp works well especially your office’s cocktail nightcap at the bar. It is such a hassle to tag along all your things and the chances of loosing some items along the way is a real bummer.

The Coach Black Leather Wristlet can easily dangle on your wrist as you sip that perfectly shaken martini. Since it is designed to give the bearer a whole lot of ease, the durable and stain free leather so intricately created by Coach suggests a conservative yet trend-setter personality leaving you looking un-grandma-like while you are among your fashionable friends and colleagues.
Measuring only 7 1/ x 8 ¼m the Coach Black Leather Wristlet is so svelte and elegant especially when you pair it with the sturdy 11 ½ inched leather wrist strap.

Coach Leatherware guarantees their products are made of durable material so you can easily wave goodbye with your hand that’s strapped with the wristlet and worry not that it will come flying away across the room.


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