Coach Black Leather Tote

Women everywhere recognize the name brand of Coach. One of the most popular makers of handbags and wallets, those who can't afford the real thing flock to the kiosks that sell replicas so they can feel like they own a true Coach product. However, the quality pales in comparison and many figure out quickly that it is worth the expense to purchase the most coveted designer product. Some go out and buy the cheapest wallet they can find that bears the name Coach on it so they can say they own an authentic Coach product while others invest in purses, bags, and even shoes. One of the most practical purchases is a Coach black leather tote because of its many uses.

Some bags have a wallet built into it so if you find a Coach black leather tote with a built-in wallet, the price tag of $300 or even $400 is not a big deal since you won't have to further invest money in a Coach wallet. Depending on your needs, you can buy a bag with a detachable shoulder strap or one that is permanently sewn in. The majority of designer handbags, however, have two leather handles. The comfort of carrying your bag is more than adequate with a average length of 21 inches. This makes the bag wearable as well as easy to carry for those who prefer to carry their handbag over wearing it.

When you purchase a Coach tote, you will find it has many uses. It can be used as a purse, a reusable shopping bag, a diaper bag, an overnight bag, and just an everyday use bag. What is great about buying quality name brand products is the lifetime guarantee that comes with Coach. If a zipper or clasp malfunctions, send it off to headquarters to be fixed. If your purchase is unable to be fixed, Coach will replace it. So find your dream Coach black leather tote and show your pride in its craftsmanship!


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