Coach 13065 Tote Handbag Review

The Coach 13065 is from the Coach Hampton collection. You would see it in signature C designs or plain leather designs. Whatever profession or work you have you have a design that would suit you. If you love pink, then I prefer you get the Hot Pink signature C design. (I really dare you to get cute colors when buying designer purses—it will make you look like you really could afford the cost!!!) … or you could tone down a little with a Lemon yellow color. With yellow, you’re buying both for show and practicality—well, at least the color is more practical than a HOT PINK Hampton.

In terms of appearance, I guess I would not have to dwell more on that. COZ I KNOW… Once you see the item you’ll DROOL! (eyeroll- been there, done that and… will probably do it again once I see a new Coach that I’ll fall in love with).. Don’t worry! The handbag is not just all for show. We all know how Coach make its bags, they’ll make our money worth it. Durability-wise, money-wise, and space-wise, the bag is worth it. it measures around 12” in length, 7 inches in height and around 4 inches in depth. It has a room for any chic’s paraphernalia.

You would surely get yourself a good deal when you buy an authentic Coach 13065. AS LONG AS IT’S AUTHENTIC! To guide you in buying, remember that the Coach emblem and serial number are embossed on the front of the inside pocket. If you don’t see anything like it, you better question the handbag. Remember: the bag has a zip closure, nickel hardware, one inside zip pocket and two inside dividers pockets. It has a leather trimmed belt and the straps are in natural leather.

You really have to be smart in buying these days. You might save a few couple of dollars when you buy a fake one, but I doubt you will have a face to save if your amigas would know it isn’t real.


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