Brown Coach Wristlet

The brown Coach wristlet is one of the preferred accessories among fashionable working ladies. They could easily transform their daytime small bag that measures 6 (L) x 4 (H) into a party all night accessory by just clasping the 12" leather strap and wearing it around their wrists.

These Coach wristlets come with a zipper on top of the bag itself making it very secured against theft. Its fabric lining is of high quality material that surely shows that the product is manufactured by one of the leading brands in the country today.

Even though the color is conservative, you could match the brown Coach wristlet up with any attire - be it a suit worn at work or some white blouse, capris and high stilettos. One could easily fit in a slim wallet, mobile phone, lipstick, oil blotters, face powder and not to mention, a small vial of that sexy perfume that seems to waft in the air every time the bag dangles on the wrist.

One thing to look for to be able to distinguish a rip off brown Coach wristlet is none other than its dust bag. There are others that provide white colored dust bags with a red logo that shows only the name Coach. That is such a wrong move since the real deal is a chocolate colored dust bag that has a Coach Leatherware plus the Est. 1941 printed and placed at the lower right portion. Be very observant when purchasing especially if it's from the internet.


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