Brown Coach Tote

At the Coach Boutique you could find a brown Coach tote under the collection of the OP Art Julianne. It is so beautiful that even with just one look at it, the first word you'll utter is "mine." Getting to own such a masterpiece is heavenly since you could conveniently put in your wallet, trinkets and other essentials like your most-coveted make-up kit plus other things you simply could not leave the house without.

The brown Coach tote is available in different collections and can be bought at outlet stores with discounted prices. No, they are not rip offs since Coach can attest to the authenticity of their products that are being sold there. All you have to know are the basics in spotting a real one versus the wanna-bes.

Measuring at 12 1/4 (L) x 12 3/4 (H) x 4 (W), these Coach totes have several pockets, a secured top closure that comes with a zipper as compared with the other brands that just exposes your valuables. What is great about this tote bag is that it has a detachable shoulder strap should you want to use it like a typical handbag should the 30" strap wrinkles your blouse. The color brown is conservative but it is definitely not boring especially if you see the famous Jacquard pattern. Just make sure you clean your brown Coach tote often to retain the shine and crisp colors of the tote bag. If you won't use it, store it inside the dust bag for added protection.


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