Brown Coach Satchel

The brand itself speaks volumes. The bag itself gives off a sense of prestige without the ghastly price tag. Coach bags are practically synonymous with the words “affordable luxury”. Their leather bags are each stitched and assemble for quality. For me, this brand is a staple in my closet because it isn’t ornamental unlike most brands. It’s actually very durable; I carry a kilo of stuffs in it (honest!). I tried using a designer bag once, it probably cost 1000 USD, and I ended up holding half of my stuffs in my arm by the end of the day! I was worried I’ll ruin the delicate thing with my mammoth self!

Let me share with you why this Brown Coach Satchel is good for people on-the-go and practical fashionistas:
1. it’s an arm candy

2. it’s durable and comfy

3. it’s not that pricey.

I sometimes walk around town with just a plain tank top, jeans and my coach bag. I feel as though it’s designed for costumers to feel laidback and casual without looking (and feeling) like a hobo.

In today’s difficult times, it’s impractical to spend thousands of money for designer bags that could have put food on the table for a family of 4 for a week. But then again, we wouldn’t want to be unfashionable, do we?
Fashion doesn’t have to be a pain. All it takes is a good eye on quality and a price tag that won’t make you break the bank. Happy shopping!


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