Blue Coach Wristlet

Forget sad moments at the first sight of the blue Coach wristlet. Its delicate looking design actually shows the soft side of women yet the durability of the bag itself shows it could go neck to neck with just about any brand available in the market. Coach bags make their leather handles stay the same even against wear and tear.

The latest look of the blue Coach wristlet is from the Poppy collection. In just a matter of weeks you can find it at a discounted price at Coach Outlet Stores nearest you. It is created with the patent leather together with the famous Jacquard design. No matter how heavy the bag is, rest assured that even if you twist and shake that booty at the disco or the bar, the strap will still be wrapped around one's wrist like an anchor.

Go ahead and party the night away with your new Coach wristlet. No need to carry a huge bag with so many things inside that would seem to dislocate your shoulder when you could carry the essentials like your wallet, make-up and car keys. You would not see its intricate designs in other brands since Coach had you in mind when they crafted such a wonderful and affordable product. With a size of 6 (L) x 4 (H), you can easily store your blue Coach wristlet inside a bigger bag when you are still in the office and once the day is over, Coach is with you until the sun rises.


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