Blue Coach Wallet

What is the best place for your credit cards, money and identification cards? You could still use that worn-out wallet or purchase the blue Coach wallet! There are just about a hundred designs to choose from coming from different collections like the newest line called the Tribeca or the much older collections such as the Madison, Penelope or even the Ali. No matter what collection you choose, the well-known Coach Jacquard design is visible and eye-catching as well.

This blue Coach wallet has a compartment for your Franklins, Grants and Jacksons. It also has a checkbook holder that can be removed should you opt to carry more cash. Aside from that, your coins also have a pocket which is situated at the back of the wallet so you need not carry a coin purse anymore.

Be in style and own a Coach wallet to pair up with your matching wristlet when you are done for the day's work in the office or even a handbag that would definitely highlight your fashion sense. The wallet also fits snugly in your bigger bags due to its "just right" size of 7 3/4 (L) x 4 1/4 (H) or 3 3/4 (L) x 3 1/2 (H). Just make sure that all of your blue Coach wallet is truly the real thing since only then would you have durable and high quality products that can be used over and over without fear that they may split in half or have their leather crumble after a few uses.


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