Blue Coach Tote

Winter is slowly drawing to a close, and Spring is finally on the horizon. With the new season, Coach has realized a new collection of bags in fun styles and colors, sure to freshen your look. Unlike many clothing trends that are all the rage and then forgotten, bag purchases are an investment, as a quality purse or tote can be part of your wardrobe for years to come. Above all, the blue Coach tote is the must-have of the collection, with blue becoming the shade of the season.

Forget tiny and impractical purses or clutches. This season’s bags are all about form as well as function. Spacious and sturdy, the tote bag is capable of lugging all of your daily essentials. Ranging from 10x13x7 to 16x12x7, you are sure to find the ideal blue Coach tote to fit your personal style and budget.

A definite statement piece, the tote bag is perfect for work or for a night out. With many different styles and tones available, including vibrant electric blues, muted pastels, and contrasting logo styles, you have plenty of choice for that perfect shade of blue that makes just the right statement, whether you want your style to shout it out loud or be quietly glamorous.

With prices ranging from $248-$698, a Coach tote is a definite splurge. However, the construction is so well-done, and the materials are of such a high-quality, that the tote is sure to be part of your wardrobe for many seasons to come. If your bag does have any issues or damage, such as a tear in the leather or a broken strap, Coach offers a lifetime warranty for all of its products. Just send in your bag to the Coach headquarters in Jacksonville, and they will repair or replace your bag, free of charge.

This Spring, indulge in a new bag. The blue Coach tote is sure to update your clothes, and give your look new polish and class.


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